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viii                  HISTORY OF PERSIA

A.H. 247-256 (861-870)—The Rise of the Saffar Dynasty—
Motamid, A.H. 256-279 (870-892)—-The Zanj Insurrection, A,H.
255-270 (869-883)—The Brilliant Career of Yakub bin Lais—
The Origin of the Ismaili Sect—The Carmathians—The Rise of
the Samanid Dynasty—The Career of Amr-ul-Lais, A.H. 265-290
(878-903)—The Samanid Dynasty at its Zenith—Its Decay and
Downfall—The Ziyarid Dynasty, A.H. 316-434 (928-1042)—The
Buwayhid or Daylamite Dynasty, A.H. 320-447 (932-1055)—The
Dynasty of Ghazna, A.H. 351-582 (962-1186).

THE COMING OF THE SELJUK TURKS     ,           .           .           .98
The Importance of the Seljuks — Their Origin — Masud of
Ghazna—The Founding of the Seljuk Dynasty, A.H, 429 (1037)
—The Career of Toghril Beg, A.H. 429-455 (1037-1063)—Malik
Kaward of Kerman, A.H. 433-465 (1041-1072)—Alp Arslan, A.H.
455-465 (1063-1072)—The Seljuk Empire at its Zenith under
Malik Shah, A.H. 465-485 (1072-1092)—The Downfall of the
Nizam-ul-Mulk—The Death of Malik Shah, A.H. 485 (1092)—
The Assassins—The Fatimid Dynasty, A.H. 297-567 (909-1171)
—The Career of Hasan Sabbah—"The Old Man of the Mountain'*
—The Initiation of the Devotees—Mahmud, A.H, 485 (1092);
Barkiyaruk, A.H. 487 (1094) ; Malik Shah II., A.H, 498 (1104) ;r
Mohamed, A.H. 498-511 (1104-1117)—The Seljuks of Kcnnan,
A.H. 433-583 (1041-1187)—The Origin of the Crusades—The First
Crusade, A.D. 1095-1099—The Defeat of the First Army by the
Seljuks—The Capture of Nicaea and of Antioch by the Crusaders
—The Storming of Jerusalem, A.H. 492 (1099),
THE DISRUPTION OF THE SELJUK EMPIRE         ,           .           .    n 8
Sultan Sanjar at the Height of his Fame—An Episode of the
Assassins—The Ghorid Dynasty, A.H. 543-612 (i 148-1215)—The
JRise of the Shahs of Khwarazm—The Kara Khitai Dynasty—The
Defeat of Sultan Sanjar by the Kara Khitai, A.H. 536 (1141)—The
Capture of Sultan Sanjar by the Ghuzz, A.H* 548 (1153)—The
Atrocities committed by the Ghuzz—Their Ravages in the Kerman
Province—The Escape and Death of Sultan Sanjar, A.H. 552
(1157)—His Character—The Revival of the Caliphate—The
Khwarazm Dynasty at its Zenith —The Atabegs~~The End of a
Great Period.
The Birth of Persian Literature ^Rudagi —Al-Biruni—
Avicenna—Firdausi—The Siasat»Nama-—Nnsir-i-Khusru—Omar
Khayyam—The Kabus-Nama—-Al-Gha2ali—Muizzi—Nizami-
al-Arudi—Anwari and Khakani—Nizami—Attar—A Criticism,,